About Us

PlayCheckers.io was started in 2022 by Michael Dwyer and Michael Guarino, two computer programmers from NY, after being frustrated by the lack of good options for playing American Checkers online. We plan to make PlayCheckers.io the go-to resource for both serious and casual checkers players.

Michael Dwyer

Michael is currently a software engineer at the file sharing company Dropbox and had previously worked at Adobe Systems. He is a much better game programmer than game player with a 500 Elo in Chess and about the same for Checkers. His, so far unsuccessful, goal with PlayCheckers.io is to become good enough to beat the bot on Hard mode.

You can reach him at michael@playcheckers.io


Michael Guarino

Michael is currently an Information Technology Associate at RBT CPAs. He's the Checkers brains of this operation with a penchant for strategy games. In his free time, you can find him puzzling over Checkers openings and reviewing famous games of the past. Michael's mind is a flurry of Checkers board combinations at all times, to the point where it can be hard for him to focus on the mundane activities of daily life.