Craig (Robot)


Play International Draughts Online

This is a free online International Draughts game that you can play against a bot, friend or live opponent. The checkers bot has multiple difficulty levels that you can set in the left-hand sidebar.

How To Play International Draughts On This Site

Start a game against the bot by dragging a piece to a valid position, or by clicking the piece you'd like to move then clicking the square you'd like to move it to. The bot will automatically make a move when it is its turn but may take longer if you have set a high difficulty.
All of the moves made during a game are recorded and you can review any previous move by clicking on it in the right sidebar or scrub forward or backward through the move history by using the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also undo and redo moves by clicking the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons in the same sidebar (only enabled for matches against the bot).

International Draughts Rules

International Draughts is played on a 10x10 board with 40 pieces per side.
  • Men (the normal pieces you start with) can capture backwards
  • Kings can move or capture any number of unobstructed squares diaganolly
  • A piece is promoted to a King when it ends its turn on the last row of the enemy's side.
  • It's mandatory to make a capture when possible
  • If multiple captures are possible, the one which captures the most pieces must be chosen